Home Inspection Services

Steven Stom CPI
InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector, Infrared Certified

Need a Home Inspection in the Front Range? You’re in the Right Place!
Many home-buyers don’t realize that Colorado has no licensing procedure or requirements to become a home inspector, so it is important to compare qualifications before making your choice of inspector.

There is really only one question to ask yourself- How good of a home inspection do you want?

Most first calls that I get from prospective clients ask, “How much do you charge?”.  If you’re looking for a quick and cheap home inspection, you won’t hire me. There are probably other inspectors who serve the area where your new home is, they might charge less, and may even perform a ‘satisfactory’ inspection, but I work on an entirely different level.

When I decided to offer my services I knew that it just wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t enjoy and take pride in my work, and if I didn’t do an exceptional job for each and every one of my clients.  I don’t work for any Realtor or bank or mortgage company, nor would I join any professional organization that did not demand excellence. I work for my clients and no one else.

Home Inspections starting at $300