City of Boulder Rental License Inspections and SmartRegs Compliance

One Stop Shopping

Are you applying for a license to rent a home or condo in Boulder, CO?  We’ve got you covered. Total Home Inspection Services has a Class D-9 Rental Housing Inspector license and a Class G Energy Inspector license with the City of Boulder. These licenses authorize us to perform a City of Boulder Rental Property inspection and a City of Boulder SmartRegs evaluation.

Before the inspection, we will send an email with a list of commonly overlooked items and easy ways to improve your SmartRegs score so that you can pass both inspections on the first try.

After the inspection, you can expect to receive two signed hard copies of the Rental License Inspection form—one for your records, and you are responsible for filing the other with the City of Boulder, along with the license application fee. You will also receive, if applicable, a hard copy of the SmartRegs customer report for your records. Whenever possible, I digitally file the full SmartRegs report with the city on the same day.