Mold Inspections and Testing in Boulder, Loveland, Longmont & the Surrounding Area

Not Just for Old Homes

As people have become more energy conscious, homes have been built ‘tighter’, with more insulation and better sealed from drafts. While these new construction standards have helped save energy, they can also lead to more environmental problems for the homeowner.

Tighter construction means that less air flows through the house. This leads to more accumulation of pollen, mold spores, and humidity.

Did you know that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requires home buyers to either have a mold and Radon test or sign a waiver accepting all liability if the house winds up having mold or Radon? Did you know that most mold problems are found in newly built houses?

Why not have your home inspected for these problems in Loveland & Longmont, CO?

Moisture Intrusion

Do You Need an Inspection?

During the severe flooding that we experienced throughout Longmont, Lyons, and Boulder County in 2013 many homes were inundated with water. If the building materials within the home were not quickly and thoroughly dried out and properly cleaned, there is a high chance that mold began growing within the home.

Sensitivity to mold can vary from person to person and can range from no symptoms at all, to mild allergy or hayfever-like symptoms and headaches, to severe respiratory distress and pneumonia-like symptoms. Unchecked mold growth on building materials can even cause structural damage to your home.

If you notice that certain areas of your home have a musty or peculiar odor, or if you or your loved ones are experiencing symptoms of mold exposure, I recommend scheduling a mold inspection as soon as possible. If you believe that exposure to mold is affecting your health and well-being, you can also add on sampling that detects the levels of mycotoxins that are released by certain species of mold.

About Your Mold Inspection

During a mold inspection a qualified and certified inspector, with special Certified Mold Inspector training, will take samples (usually 3) and perform a mold screening. This will allow the buyer to know exactly what the condition of the house is. If high levels of mold are found, an inspector can do more precise testing to narrow down the source and turn the data over to an industrial hygienist for remediation.

Total Home Inspection Services LLC offers two different levels of mold inspection: Limited Scope, which is one room and the surrounding area, such as a bathroom and the attic above and crawlspace below; and Whole Home, which includes air sampling from various rooms and a thorough inspection of the grading and drainage around the home, as well as any areas that would be prone to moisture intrusion that could lead to mold growth. It is extremely important to determine the root cause of mold growth within the home, if the conditions leading to mold growth are not corrected before cleaning and remediation, the mold will just keep coming back.

Our fees for mold inspection are inclusive- there are no additional charges for lab fees or surface sampling of any visible organic growth found during the course of an inspection. Total Home Inspection Services LLC in Loveland & Longmont, CO does not perform mold remediation, therefore we have nothing to gain by finding mold within your home or by exaggerating the findings from the inspection. Mold is present everywhere, so a proper interpretation and comparison of the samples taken is critical to determine whether you in fact have mold issues within your home or not.