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Home inspections aren’t just for people buying a home. I provide a whole range of inspections and environmental testing that can help a homeowner maintain and improve their property:

  • Sewer Scope

    A video inspection of the main sewer line out to the connection to the city sewer.  Find flat spots, tree roots, and grease and debris buildup before they cause a nasty problem.

  • Environmental Testing

    Mold, Radon, allergens, water quality, lead.  Stand-alone or part of a regular home inspection.

  • New Construction Inspection

    Independent evaluation of a new house.  Did the builder do a quality job to best practices, or did they use cheap materials and unprofessional workers?  Building “to code” is a bare minimum.

  • Water Intrusion Consultation

    Is water dripping from window openings? Water staining on the walls, ceilings, or floors? Mold formation? It’s not enough to fix the aesthetic issue, the root cause must be determined and corrected or the water damage and mold will just keep coming back.

  • Mold Testing

    Mold can affect your home’s structural integrity, aesthetics, and allergies.

  • Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

    Systems in your home are constantly affected by age, wear and tear, environmental factors, neglected regular upkeep and even disuse.  Catch it before it becomes a more serious problem.

  • EMF Level Testing

    Electromagnetic Field Testing measures the amount of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic exposure in and around the home. This includes static, extremely low frequency, and radio frequency fields. Here’s some information about EMFs in the home.

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  • Thermal Infrared Inspection

    Limited scope thermal imaging is included, at no extra charge, in all home inspections.  A full thermal imaging scan is available as a stand-alone service to help lower your energy bills and increase your comfort.

  • Continuing Free Phone Consultation

    Planning on getting a new roof? Questions on maintaining your furnace or air conditioning? Planning a remodel?  Give me a call, it’s free.

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