Kathy C. Avatar
Kathy C.
3/12/2021 - Google

I searched for an inspector with a proven record of competence along with supporting credentials. Steve had these and displayed a level of professionalism not noticed when I spoke with other inspection firms. Steve operates as a pro and conducts his work personally - rather than to hire staff to do the hands-on. And, Steve is thorough - finding items I would never have noticed. He provided advice regarding potential maintenance issues and acknowledged positive elements of the home we were buying. Steve is a credit to his profession.

Jess D. Avatar
Jess D.
1/15/2021 - Google

I'm so glad to have found Steve! Our sellers only gave us 3 days to inspect and offer objections. Steve was super responsive and got us on his schedule right away. He was on time for our inspection and super thorough, taking the time to explain his methods, what he was flagging and why, and if something was beyond the scope of our inspection he still did his best to address it and explain how we could follow up with the appropriate contractor. The worst case scenario is a home inspector who just comes in to do a visual sweep in an hour, and that is absolutely not what we got! I feel super confident about my follow up with the sellers to have a few major safety issues remedied. We learned a ton about the house and feel more excited than ever to complete our purchase.Additionally he was very nice, affordable but not cheap, and took covid precautions inside the house. I was very comfortable working with him and would hire him again for my next inspection, whether for my next purchase or a maintenance inspection in a year or two.

Chris W. Avatar
Chris W.
1/12/2021 - Google

Steve was extremely thorough and I was comfortable with him in my home. He wore a mask and very safety conscious. After he finished he answered all my questions and explained his process of inspecting. I will gladly hire him again and recommend him to my friends.

Joshuah M. Avatar
Joshuah M.
9/12/2020 - Google

We used Total Home Inspection for a home purchase inspection and Radon Testing. Steven from Total Home Inspection was highly professional and was willing to stay long past the allotted appointment time to explain anything we asked. Detailed reports provided were very high quality and easily reference-able in contract negotiations. Steven went above and beyond my expectations. 10/10 would recommend.

Jasmine K. Avatar
Jasmine K.
7/12/2020 - Google

Steve's rate is very reasonable and his report is entirely comprehensive. He went over the entire house with us and pointed out his findings, taking the time and effort to answer all of our questions. He even has a summary highlighting everything varying from minor defects to major safety problems. It helped so much for us to send in our inspection objection and highlight exactly what needed to be fixed. He was always quick to respond be it text, phone calls, or email. Also our relationship doesn't end once the inspection is finished, he makes himself available for consultation on future projects and maintenance. Overall I'm very pleased to have been able to work with him and will highly recommend him to my friends and family as well as consult him first for any future projects.

Kate M. Avatar
Kate M.
7/12/2020 - Google

Very nice, thorough and informative!

Mark M. Avatar
Mark M.
6/12/2020 - Google

Steve was a great inspector. He was very thorough with tons of photos and great explanations of everything that was going regardless if the thing being inspected needed to be fixed or not. We showed up at the end of the inspection, he was very open to answering any questions we had and talking us through the highlights of what was going on with the house overall.I had an inspection, radon test, and sewer scope (subcontracted, but taken care of so I didn't need to hire someone and get it into the report).

Judy G. Avatar
Judy G.
3/12/2020 - Google

Stephen was very knowledgeable over the phone. He took the time to answer any questions I had and made sure I understood the process. I was able to get a timely appointment. His equipment is up to date, high tech and when he comes back out to collect the data, he can analyze it on the spot and let you know if mitigation is what’s needed. He also sends out a written document you can retain for your records. I was very impressed and would highly recommend his services!Judy

Laurie W. Avatar
Laurie W.
2/12/2020 - Google

Steve at Total Home Inspection Services sets the gold standard for home inspections. Being a real estate investor and having been through many of these I expected the basics but was blown away by his careful attention to detail. He was early to arrive and completely prepared and professional. He was respectful and spoke to both my husband and I, instead of just my husband (that goes a long way with me especially since I am the one who generally handles everything with our properties). He provided explanations that helped us feel confident in making the decision to purchase the home. We were specifically concerned about potential radon in the home and Steve was equipped to test and report immediately. The amount of money we saved on potential future repairs is significant as we were able to list all of these issues in our reply and the seller corrected most of them! Just a single one of these repairs was more than the cost of our inspection. His quick report and follow up ensured we did not miss a beat or deadline in the process. He is a man of integrity who is looking out for the best for you and your family. I highly recommend Steve to anyone in the home buying process!

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