Why Choose Total Home?

Total Home Inspection Services checking electric panel

Total Home Inspection Services Incorporates Infrared Thermal Imaging into Every Home Inspection!

Most first calls that I get from prospective clients ask, “How much do you charge?”.  If you’re looking for a quick and cheap home inspection, might not hire me. There are other inspectors who serve the area where your new home is, they might charge less, and may even perform a ‘satisfactory’ inspection, but I work on an entirely different level.

  • My company’s name represents what I do- Inspect the whole home and all of its systems; and provide exceptional Service to my clients.
  • I take my time and do it right- I take the time to examine everything, not just the bare minimum. I do not do 45 minute to 1 ½ hour ‘drive-by’ inspections.
  • I am available to you, free of charge, after the inspection for any questions you may have about your new home. This is important- I am always there for you, for as long as it takes, not just until your check clears.
  • Down the road, I am available to you for home maintenance inspections, to help ensure that your investment in a home lasts a lifetime.