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Total Home Inspection Services Incorporates Infrared Thermal Imaging into Every Home Inspection!

Most first calls that I get from prospective clients ask, “How much do you charge?”.  If you’re looking for a quick and cheap home inspection, you probably won’t hire me. There are other inspectors who serve the area where your new home is, they might charge less, and may even perform a ‘satisfactory’ inspection, but I work on an entirely different level.

  • I publicly list my home address, not an office or P.O. box.
  • My company’s name represents what I do- Inspect the whole home and all of its systems; and provide exceptional Service to my clients.
  • I take my time and do it right- I take the time to examine everything, not just ‘a representative sample’. I do not do 45 minute to 1 ½ hour ‘drive-by’ inspections.
  • I take the time to cross-check serial numbers, manufacturer and government defect and recall lists, and property history to provide a comprehensive report rather than just checking the boxes and calling it done after I present to you the preliminary report on-site.
  • I include thermal imaging in all of my inspections- I feel as though offering this service as an ‘add-on’ would do a disservice to my clients, who deserve as thorough an inspection as I can provide.
  • I include with every inspection a flash drive containing a PDF of my report and every single photo, video and infrared image taken of the home. For a small additional fee, a hard copy of the report and photos is also available.
  • I include, free of charge, a pre-closing walk-through inspection to verify that any agreed-upon work is done, and done right. Even if the seller refuses to correct any problems, we will make sure that you are properly informed and satisfied.
  • I am available to you, free of charge, after the inspection for any questions you may have about your new home. This is important- I am always there for you, for as long as it takes, not just until your check clears.
  • Down the road, I am available to you for home maintenance inspections, to help ensure that your investment in a home lasts a lifetime.

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